Ever visited a website where you had a bad “user experience” or found it wasn't completely Accessible? Or perhaps you wished you could change the way you interacted with the website as it worked differently to how you intuitively think and process information?

The World Wide Web has Evolved!

We currently have:

  • Internet standards and guides on the best practices for building a website.
  • Accessibility standards aimed to help those who are disabled to more easily use the Web.
  • Independent web designers with their own ideas on good website design.
  • Marketing and branding experts who advise on what works well.
  • In recent times there is an increasing trend to have laws enforcing Web Accessibility compliancy.

It is logically impossible to have standards and experts all defining what forms the perfect Website that pleases everyone!

So What's the Solution?

We need to be more bold and visionary towards the future of accessibility and solutions that addresses this problem. Web content and the way we interact with information online should be determined on a user-by-user basis.

We are now at a point where our online experiences no longer need to be determined by a web developer. Excitingly, web browsing can now be tailored on a user-by-user basis, taking the concept of accessibility to a new level. It's time to reimagine what you thought was possible for the way we engage with information online.

This is where the WoDifier™ comes to play. The WoDifier platform makes any website automatically and seamlessly tailored based on your preferences. It contains a learning engine designed to automatically adapt and grow with you.

At the heart of the WoDifier platform are the people who truly understand the struggles with accessibility online. WoDifier is powered by the international patent-applied-for (PCT/AU2016/050860) Hueyify® technologies and was invented and designed by people with disabilities.

Powering the Internet with Preferences, Control and Personalisation. The World Wide Web — Your Way!
Kenneth. B. Springer: Hueyify® Founder | WoDifier™ Co-founder | Internet of DOTS (IoD) Founder

Participate in the Wodifier™ βeta Testing

We are entering into the βeta testing phase. Help us by being a “Beta Tester” and seeing the WoDifier platform in action before we release to the public. Be the first to see what we are working hard on, provide feedback and be part of the journey to help shape the next era of the Web.