A Bold Vision — The Next Era of the World Wide Web

At WoDifier™ we are thinking differently towards Accessibility & “Web Usability”. We want to provide the technology that recognises that every Internet User is unique & different. Our innovation automatically delivers instant accessible experiences on any Website in a seamless & transparent way that's perfect for you.

Invented and Designed by People with Disabilities

Our story is simple and can be explained in a mere few words: The Web isn't accessible so that it caters for all. The current trend towards accessibility using standards and even forced compliancy is short sighted. We need to be more bold and visionary towards the future of accessibility and implementing solutions to address this problem.

At the heart of the WoDifier platform are the people who truly understand the struggles with accessibility online. WoDifier is powered by the international patent-applied-for (PCT/AU2016/050860) Hueyify® technologies and was invented and designed by people with disabilities. The Hueyify website details the chronicle journey on how Hueyify was formed and the reasons behind forming Hueyify.

At this point today...

We are entering into the βeta testing phase. Help us by being a “Beta Tester” and seeing the WoDifier platform in action before we release to the public. Be the first to see what we are working hard on, provide feedback and be part of the journey to help shape the next era of the Web. Simply sign-up at: βeta testing to begin testing.

If you are interested in the Investment Opportunities with WoDifier™ then please contact us at: Investment Opportunities.