We are now at a point where our online experiences no longer need to be determined by a web developer. Excitingly, web browsing can now be tailored on a user-by-user basis, taking the concept of accessibility to a new level. It's time to reimagine what you thought was possible for the way we engage with information online.
Kenneth. B. Springer: Hueyify® Founder | WoDifier™ Co-founder | Internet of DOTS (IoD) Founder

The Next Evolution of the Web and “Accessbility

WoDifier is a platform that automatically makes website accessible based on your preferences. A perfect website is the one that presents the content in a manner that is closely aligned to the reader's preferences giving a personalised and comprehensible web experience.

The best part of the platform is that it contains a learning engine designed to automatically adapt and grow with you. Tailoring websites on a user-by-user basis: The World Wide Web – Your Way.

Some of the WoDifier benefits and features include:

  • Change Colours / Layout / Presentation
  • Classifies Content into Quality Levels
  • Annotate & Summarises Content
  • Easy to Install & Simple to Use
  • Has a Learning Engine that Learns about your Preferences
  • Manages & Controls Content in the way you want
  • Enable Accessibility Enhancements
  • Transform websites to work better with screen readers
  • Apply text-to-speech on Content
  • Transform websites to assist those who don't use a mouse
  • Improves Readability & Comprehension
  • Free Lite Version Available
  • Free for those who are Legally Blind / Blind or has Autism
  • Available Worldwide
  • Major Browsers Supported
    Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Edge Opera Apple Safari

Participate in the Wodifier™ βeta Testing

We are entering into the βeta testing phase. Help us by being a “Beta Tester” and seeing the WoDifier platform in action before we release to the public. Be the first to see what we are working hard on, provide feedback and be part of the journey to help shape the next era of the Web.